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Information on certification of different labs for lab created diamonds.

If you are a wholesaler, retailer or consumer the most vital document that contains information about diamond’s quality is its grading report or certificate. With a grading certification of lab grown diamonds you get a scientific blueprint of its characteristics and properties. It helps you to understand what you are buying and also enables you to justify the value and price you should be paying. To avoid any conflict of interest and biased grading, it is must to have a certification from a neutral third party. There are various reliable Gemological Labs that acts as a security screen for manmade and mined diamonds.

Different Grading Labs for lab grown diamonds:

Each entity grades and describes lab diamond differently. The lab certificate issued by this grading entity emphasis on different aspects of manmade diamonds like cut, clarity, color, length and width. Some of the most reputed diamond certification labs are:

Each lab carries out different criteria and standards when performing an assessment. It is important that we have thorough knowledge about these grading labs providing certificates for lab created diamonds. GIA and AGS tops the list for their consistency, reliability and are trustworthy followed by IGI, EGL and HRD. Most important thing is to evaluate the price you are paying. Both on certificate and naked eye, price paid for lab grown diamond should reflect the actual quality, beauty and cut of the diamond. Most of these labs have online confirmation system where one can check your gem and diamond purchases in accordance with their number, cut, weight and clarity.

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