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Lab-grown Diamond Caring Tips

Just like any other kind of jewelry – gold, platinum, precious stones, silver, and more –lab grown diamond jewelry too needs the right care to keep it bright, sparkling and new. Regular and frequent care of your lab produced diamonds will ensure longevity and enhance the look every time you wear them. If you wear them frequently or regularly, it is advisable to follow a routine for cleaning them and taking care of your diamonds. Here are tips and points on how to take care of your laboratory grown diamonds.


How to take care when wearing Laboratory Grown Diamonds


When wearing laboratory grown diamond jewelry, always apply your body products such as lotion, moisturizer, sunscreen, perfume and body spray before you wear the jewelry. This will ensure that these products do not get sprayed on your diamonds and do not cause any harm to them.


When undressing, make sure you wipe your jewelry to remove all oily residue, perspiration and dust, before you safely put it back in your jewelry box. Make sure you follow this routine every time you wear and remove your jewelry.


Avoid wearing your diamonds and jewelry when you have to participate in physical activity, such as housekeeping, exercising or swimming. This will help in keeping your lab produced diamonds away from harmful chemicals, dust and perspiration. Do not wear jewelry in swimming pools with chlorinated water or in hot tubs.


How to store Laboratory Grown diamonds


Wrap in soft cloth


Keeping jewelry and diamonds wrapped in soft cloth is an age-old method of keeping your jewelry and precious stones safe. Simply take a clean piece of soft cloth and wrap it on your lab made diamonds. Now place it in a fabric-lined jewelry box or a pouch and keep it in a safe place.


Keep away from dust and pollution


Make sure that your jewelry or lab made diamonds are not exposed to dust and dirt. Keep them away in a place that does not get dusty or polluted.


Keep separate from other objects


Make sure that you do not mix your lab made diamonds with objects and jewelry made of other material. For example, it is better to keep your lab-produced diamonds separate from cheap metal jewelry. Keeping your diamonds together with other metals might cause scratches and harm your diamonds. It is advisable to use jewelry box which has different compartments to keep your lab grown diamond rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants


How to clean Lab Created Diamonds


Warm soapy water


Cleaning jewelry with soap and warm water is a good old way of taking care of your jewelry. Just like soap and water is used to remove dirt from everything else, this combination works on laboratory grown diamonds too. Simply mix about four cups of water and a spoonful of washing detergent or dishwashing agent in a large container. Dip the jewelry in this solution and gently rub and clean with a soft cloth. You could use your finger too, to clean the lab produced diamond. Clean it for about a minute. Once it has been cleaned, take it out of the water and gently dry it with a cloth. Now spread a soft piece of cloth and spread the laboratory grown diamonds/jewelry on it and let it dry with the air and light. Make sure that the entire soapy residue is gone, as this can leave a film or marks on your diamonds.


Special polishing cloth


Special polishing cloths are used to clean surfaces like glass to make sure that the Diamond cleaning process doesn’t leave any marks or scratches on the object. Take a good quality cleaning cloth and gently rub and clean the lab produced diamonds with it. This is a quick and easy way of regularly cleaning your diamonds. All the dust and dirt can be cleaned with this method.


Jewelry cleaning solution


There are number of jewelry cleaning products available in the market and online. Most lab grown diamond jewelers provide these cleaning solutions with your purchase. Simply use the cleaning solution to clean your lab produced diamonds with a soft cloth. Some of these solutions are accompanied by cleaning brushes. It is advisable to carefully read the labels of these cleaning solution packaging and following the tips mentioned there.


White vinegar


Another household tip for cleaning your laboratory-grown diamonds is white vinegar. Pour enough white vinegar in a container so that you can immerse your diamonds in it. Keep your jewelry or diamonds soaked in the white vinegar for about 15 minutes. Take it out after 15 minutes and rub it with a soft bristle brush. Next, rinse your lab produced diamonds with water and dry them completely with a clean, soft cloth.


Professional cleaning


If you feel that your laboratory grown diamonds need a thorough check and cleaning, take it to a professional jeweler or professional diamond cleaner if you have access to one. They will be able to ensure thorough and safe cleaning of your diamonds. Professional diamond cleaners use ultrasonic cleaners to clean lab produced diamonds apart from other special techniques.


Steam cleaning


Steam cleaning of diamond jewelry is a popular way of cleaning diamonds, but one that needs extra care. In this method, laboratory grown diamonds are given steam from a steamer. This removes dirt, oils and other dust from the jewelry, especially areas where it is difficult to clean with cloth. One needs to be careful that the steam should not be too hot and the water should be clean. It is advised to get steam cleaning of laboratory grown diamonds done only by professionals. The correct usage of laboratory -grown diamonds and frequent cleaning will enhance the look of your diamonds and ensure that they remain so for years. The above-mentioned tips will help you keep your precious stones new and sparkly.

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