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Lab Grown Diamonds: Budding Investment Opportunity

Diamonds have moved on from being just a girl’s favourite ornament or piece of jewellery to a budding investment opportunity for a lot of investors. The investors have been investing a major chunk in the mining diamonds business. But as Lab grown diamond business gains impetus in its activities, it is becoming a target for the investors all over India. It’s not just the investors that are interested in the Lab grown diamond business, but even the mined diamond corporations are showing positive interest in establishing new ventures in the man-made diamond market. This is increasing the number of players in the business and helping it flourish all over as a field of prospective business. And with the entry of new players there are more investment opportunities for the investors.

Lab Grown Diamonds: Budding Investment Opportunity

Here are some reasons that interest investors:

Constant growth

Since the birth of lab grown diamonds, there has been a constant and steady growth in their business graph. There is also a higher range of margin in lab grown diamond business as compared to the mined diamonds; it is a massive 30-40 percent. The man made diamond business was valued at about $ 15.7 billion in 2014 and has been expanding at a very high rate in the past few years. It is not just the big players that are contributing towards this growth. The investment opportunities are astounding as there are also a lot of small players that are budding on a speedy timeline

Higher ROI rate

With adherence to the rapid growth in the market significance of Lab grown diamonds, there should not be a need for any more reasons to invest in the business. Although, another enticing factor is that the Return on Investment rate is significantly high. This is because of the high profit margin as compared to that of the mined diamonds. And even solely, the profit margins are quite high.

No extinction of resources

This is one of the major reasons for the growth of the lab grown diamond business. As they are generated in the laboratories, it is nearly impossible for the resources to run out. This feature eliminates the chances of the business having an expiry date. Another factor that adds to this is their up close similarity with the mined diamonds. Mined grown diamonds are a product of a very long process, comprising of mining, cleaning and the actual obtaining of final diamonds. The process of making the Lab grown diamonds is shorter and much easier as they are made in labs and can be produced faster than the mined diamonds.

The above mentioned benefits and features should not sound lesser than a business opportunity to any investor. There is also no doubt that lab grown diamond business is definitely one of the most prospective business opportunities with also the lingering possibility of the extinction of mined diamonds.


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