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Lab-grown Diamond Caring Tips

Diamond is such a thing which is adored by everyone. No longer are loose diamonds fad, restricted to ladies but they have made their statement as priced male possession too. For a novice, it can be a thrilling experience. Initially you might find it an arduous task, but with proper knowledge you can get the needed clarity. While splurging dollars on loose lab grown diamonds, make sure you are well versed on choosing the best ones.


What you need to look for in loose lab grown diamonds?


While buying loose lab diamonds 4C’s are very important:


Carat: Carat weight is very important while selecting manmade diamonds. A difference in the carat weight may not be evident to naked eye but can have distinct effect on the price.

Color: Just like a drop of pure water, a chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue. These are consequently higher value Lab made diamonds. The color distinction of these diamonds are very subtle and can be visible only to a trained eye.

Cut: A well cut diamond appears brilliant and fiery. Despite of having a good clarity and color grade, a bad cut diamond can look lifeless and dull.

Clarity: The cleanliness or purity of a diamond speaks of its clarity. The inclusions and blemishes of the stone, affect the overall appearance of a diamond. More pure a Lab grown diamond higher its value.




It can be a very overwhelming experience with so many options of different shapes of lab diamonds available. Consider a round cut diamond, unless a particular preference has been expressed.




Make sure you buy only certified man made diamonds which are certified by a reputable lab. Certificates are proof of a diamond's identity, authenticity and value. Certification serves as a useful tool to understand individual characteristics of a particular diamond.  


Choose only a reputed diamond brand or a company:


For loose lab grown diamonds, go with a diamond company or a brand which assures best quality and has reputation of delivering authentic goods at competitive price.




Jewelery market is flooded with varied options of lab created diamonds to spoil and confuse the buyers. Do a thorough research and homework before you buy loose diamonds? Combining and using all these tips you can choose loose lab grown diamonds which will deliver you best in terms of quality and price.

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