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7 Lies And Myths About Lab Grown Diamonds You Must Know

Lab Grown Diamond

Everyone wants to buy the best diamonds. But gone are the days when consumers desired mined diamonds. Today, an increasing number of consumers are preferring to buy lab grown diamonds.


Whether it’s for an engagement ring or for a necklace, cultivated diamonds are taking over mined diamonds. And there are many reasons for this – affordability, a reduction of environmental impact, sustainability, social and humanitarian safety, etc.


However, lab grown diamonds have garnered somewhat of a negative reputation with many myths and lies floating around. In this blog, we’ll look at seven such myths and the actual facts.


1. Lab grown diamonds are not real

One of the first doubts or questions asked about lab created diamonds is – are they real diamonds? And the answer to this question is – yes, lab diamonds are as real as diamonds mined from the earth.


Lab diamonds are created through the same process that leads to the formation of diamonds under the crust of the earth. Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and visual properties


2. Lab grown diamonds are graded differently

Mined diamonds are graded for their quality. And so are lab diamonds. Lab diamonds are graded by the same institutions that grade mined diamonds. The best lab grown diamonds would always have a certificate of grading from reputed institutions.


Lab created diamonds are graded with the same globally accepted standards for assessing the quality of diamonds. Moreover, they’re graded in the same manner for the 4 Cs – cut, clarity, carat, and color.


3. Lab created diamonds cannot be used in engagement rings

The demand for engagement rings studded with lab diamonds is increasing day-by-day. An increasing number of millennials and Gen Z prefer to buy lab diamonds as they are sustainable, environment-friendly, ethical, and cheaper than mined diamonds.


As per reports, 66% of young consumers are actively looking for engagement rings made with lab diamonds. And 23% of diamond shoppers say they’d definitely buy a lab grown diamond engagement ring.


4. Lab grown diamonds are of inferior quality

Lab grown diamonds are of the same quality as mined diamonds. Infact, because lab diamonds are man made, there’s a high level of quality control — from the selection of the seed to controlled processes to precision cutting and polishing. Lab diamonds are created using advanced technologies.


5. Lab diamonds change color over time

No, it’s a lie and a myth that lab created diamonds change color over time. Lab diamonds are real diamonds. They are made of the same properties as mined diamonds. Their physical, chemical, thermal, optical, and visual properties are the same as mined diamonds. They are strong and resilient and do not change color.


6. Lab diamonds harm the environment in the same way as mined diamonds

Man made diamonds are created in safe environments in laboratories using machines and technology. It’s a myth that lab diamonds have an adverse impact on the environment. Most lab grown diamond manufacturers ensure sustainability and responsible practices of waste management, reducing carbon footprint, etc. These diamonds are created in greenhouse labs and do not cause harm to the environment, the way mined diamonds do.


7. Lab grown diamonds look fake and you can tell the difference

Lab diamonds don’t look fake because they are not artificial diamonds. They offer the same brilliance and performance that mined diamonds offer. In fact, one cannot tell the difference between a lab diamond and a mined diamond by looking at it with the naked eye. The only thing that tells a lab diamond apart is the lab grown diamond price and the inscription or the certificate.


So, now that you know the truth, nothing should stop you from buying lab grown diamonds. Besides the truth, lab created diamonds offer so many benefits. They are at least 40% to 50% cheaper than mined diamonds, they do not cause harm to the environment, are a sustainable option, and shine as bright as you’d want them to!

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