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Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is easier said than done. You have to consider many factors – the size of the diamond, color, personal taste, the person for whom it’s being bought, etc.


And everyone wants to choose the best ring. Well, choosing the best lab created diamond engagement ring is equally difficult. But not less exciting.


The sheer range of lab grown diamond engagement rings available online is enough to leave you confused. Besides, you have to look into different aspects such as cut, clarity, color, sparkle, etc.


But we’ve made the task easy for you with this guide. Here are tips to help you select the best lab made diamond ring for your loved one.


Tips to choose the best lab grown engagement ring


Know the 4 Cs

When choosing lab created diamond rings, it’s critical to know the 4 Cs – color, cut, clarity, and carat. The 4 Cs are the global standard for assessing the quality of diamonds, whether mined or lab grown.


Decide on the diamond shape

Lab made diamond rings are available in many shapes, but which one do you like? Do you like the emerald shape of the classic round cut? To choose the best diamond for your engagement ring, you’ll first have to zero-in on the shape of the diamond.


Choose a metal for the band

The metal you choose for the band of the ring will have an effect on the look of the ring. For example, you could choose gold or platinum, the two most common metals preferred for engagement rings.


Examine the cut quality of the diamond

The cut quality of the diamond is different from the shape of the diamond. For example, the shape of the diamond refers to the outline or the contour, while the cut quality is how well the lab created diamond’s facets interact with light. When choosing a lab made diamond ring, consider the cut quality and shape.


Choose the side stone

Many lab grown diamond rings have the main, central diamond and side stones – either around it or on both sides or at times, just on one side. The best practice to choose the side stones is to pick those that complement the central diamond through its grade, clarity, and cut.


Pick the color

Lab grown diamond engagement rings are available in various colors - red, blue, green, pink, yellow and more. The choice of color is a personal choice. However, make sure, the color of the center diamond and the side stones complement each other, as well as the metal you choose.


Check out the diamond under different lighting

One of the ways to assess diamond quality is to see its performance under different lighting conditions. The diamond facets are like mirrors. They reflect the light they’re exposed to. Hence, to assess its performance in different lights, see it in candle light, white light, yellow light, dim light, bright light, natural daylight, etc. When you buy a lab made diamond ring online, this may be hard to do but you must then see the performance of the diamond through different platforms and tools that allow you to assess the different factors of the diamonds.


Check the certificates

When you buy lab created diamond rings, you must check the certificates that come with the ring. IGI and GIA are reliable lab entities that provide certification for lab grown diamonds. Without the certificates, there’s no way to be sure of the authenticity and origin of your diamonds.


Decide the brand and your budget

Two of the most important factors when buying a lab made diamond ring are the budget and the brand. If you’re on a budget, you’re in luck with lab grown diamond engagement rings. Lab diamonds are at least 30% cheaper compared to mined diamonds.


With so many brands creating and offering engagement rings made of lab grown diamonds, you’d be spoilt for choice. Run a quick online search and you’d be surprised to find the number of brands that offer lab diamond jewelry.


Over to you

If you’re looking to buy lab-manufactured diamond engagement rings, you’d be delighted with the range of lab diamonds and engagement ring options available on One of the largest manufacturers of the biggest lab grown diamonds, you can even get a lab grown diamond tailor-made for you and made into an engagement ring in a unique design of your choice.

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