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What truly makes a diamond unique, is, when it’s specially made for you.

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Process 1

Our lab experts select the finest quality diamond seeds. It is most important to select seeds without any imperfections. The best quality diamond seeds are carefully positioned on a metal disk to be placed inside the diamond-growing greenhouse.

Process 2

The metal disk with the diamond seeds is placed inside a diamond growing reactor. Our labs use both processes - High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

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A members-only world of lab grown diamonds, CRBN is for merchants, retailers, and jewelers to access, explore, and purchase lab-grown diamonds and jewelry directly from us, the producers. CRBN members not only enjoy access to the largest collection of man-made diamonds, but can also immerse in 360-degree virtual experiences, pore over high-quality images, and access certificates before placing orders.

Cutwise Lab Grown Diamonds

Through Cutwise, merchants, retailers, and jewelers unlock the ability to view the performance of lab-grown & lab-produced diamonds before they make purchase decisions. Color, fluorescence, transparency, clarity, carat weight, fire, brilliance, cut pattern… pore into every pixel of lab created diamonds before placing orders.

Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

From exquisite designs to highly customized jewelry, Grown Diamond Corporation elevates your lab diamond jewelry-buying experience with a carefully designed and curated collection of engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. Discover unique ready jewelry pieces or customize designs of lab grown diamonds jewelry.

International Grown Diamond Association International Grown Diamond Association
International Grown Diamond Association

“We are proud to be a member of the new IGDA. We are grateful to IGDA for giving this organization and its members a platform for joining forces to make generic promotion and marketing to change the very fabric of how humanity expresses eternal love with conflict-free and eco-friendly Lab Grown Diamonds.”

- Shreyas Mehta, CEO Grown Diamond Corporation

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  • "Today's lab-grown diamonds are finally of sufficient quality to be certified by third-party institutions, such as the Gemological Institute of America, as real. They have the exact chemical composition and structure—carbon atoms arranged in a cubic crystal formation—as mined diamonds."

    - Fortune Magazine

  • "The traditional in-stock ring isn’t the option that excites most millennials. Unique, customized pieces make a statement and do not blend into the crowd. Millennial couples want a ring that tells their own story and reflects who they are as individuals."


  • "At a time when the earth-mined diamond supply is depleting every year, the emergence of grown diamonds is a security blanket for the industry."


  • "Grown diamonds can not only fill the supply-demand gap for rough diamonds globally, but also expand the market to new application areas and new profile of consumers."


  • Why might they be catching the eyes of millennials? "They’re new. It’s the iPhone 8 of diamonds."

    - Russell Shor, Gemological Institute of America

Lab Grown Diamond

Mined Diamond

Is it a diamond?



Is it Real?



What is its source?



Is it eco-conscious?



What is its life expectancy?



Is it artificial?



Is it a conflict diamond?



Engages child labor?



Can it be customized?



Is it affordable?



Can it meet quantity demands?




“My Grown Diamond Is a Diamond. Real, Sparkling & Forever.”

Lauren Green

The benefits of lab-grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds: do good, feel good

From minimal ecological footprint to making sustainable and ethical choices, The benefits of lab-created diamonds bring the best feeling at the lowest prices.
Diamonds grown in labs offer luxury without the perils of environmental, socio-political, and sustainability issues.

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While we'd love it if all lab-grown diamonds were D flawless, the reality is that's not the case. Lab grown diamonds are not all the same. They're grown or formed in a way that is similar to how diamonds are formed in nature. That means inclusions and variations in color are the name of the game.

Laboratory diamonds do not get cloudy, essentially, if you buy good-quality lab diamonds. Lab diamonds that have high clarity, have a good color (from D to I), and display high quality cuts, ranging from excellent to good, the diamonds do not get cloudy.

Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds, just like mined diamonds. The only difference is that these diamonds are manufactured in laboratories using scientific methods under controlled and precise conditions. Lab-created diamonds are more sustainable, clean, conflict-free, and pocket-friendly.

Diamonds grown in Lab are made from highly organized carbon. Lab-grown diamonds are created by applying heat and pressure to a diamond seed. This chamber replicates the conditions that are present inside the earth’s surface. The diamonds take around six to eight weeks to form. The diamonds are then cut, polished, and graded. It is virtually impossible for the naked eye to tell the difference between lab-grown and mined diamonds. There are two common methods for producing diamonds in a lab: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

Growing inventories, increased online searches, a rising number of grown diamond retailers, and reported handsome profits the grown diamond industry is only rising. Lab grown diamonds are the choice of the millennials. Lab-grown diamonds are also a wise and profitable investment, as they are affordable.

Yes, lab cultured diamonds sparkle the same as natural diamonds. This sparkle, or brilliance, is a result of the diamond's cut, clarity, and the way light interacts with its facets. Since lab cultured diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds, they can be cut to the same exacting standards, resulting in a similar ability to reflect and refract light. This means the fire, brilliance, and scintillation—the aspects that contribute to a diamond's sparkle—are virtually identical between lab-grown and natural diamonds when they are cut and polished to similar quality standards.

Lab manufactured diamonds offer several benefits:

  • 1. Auto Closing: They cost 30 to 40% less than mined diamonds, providing high quality at better value due to a shorter manufacturing process.
  • 2. Versatility: Suitable for all styles and occasions, lab diamond jewelry is durable, easy to clean, and accessible to a wider audience.
  • 3. Eco-Friendliness: Producing lab manufactured diamonds results in minimal environmental impact compared to traditional mining, making them a more sustainable choice.
  • 4. Ethical Choice: They provide a conflict-free option, avoiding the ethical and socio-political issues associated with natural diamond mining

Lab-grown diamonds are available in a variety of shapes, including Round Brilliant, Princess, Cushion, Oval, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Radiant, Pear, Heart, catering to diverse tastes and styles.

A diamond shape can make it appear larger or smaller, in certain cases. Sometimes diamonds are positioned with their table facing upward. For shapes such as Emerald or Asscher, it means they may not look as large as other diamonds with the same carat weight. Expert jewelers suggest that in order to maximize size relating to carat weight, one should choose Princess and Marquise-cut lab diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are here to stay and they’re conquering the global diamond markets. Diamond manufacturers and distributors are leaving no stone unturned to meet their customers wherever they are. If customers prefer physically experiencing their gemstones before purchasing, diamond brands make it happen.

Conversely, if they choose to buy them online, diamond merchants ensure customers can view the optical performance of the lab made diamonds via advanced technological tools. It’s safe to say the future of lab diamonds is all bright and shiny. If you are looking for best lab grown diamonds, your search will end here at

The 4Cs of diamonds are:

  • 1. Cut: Quality of the diamond's proportions and its ability to reflect light.
  • 2. Color: Graded from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow), indicating how colorless the diamond is.
  • 3. Clarity: Indicates the absence of inclusions and blemishes, graded from Flawless to Included.
  • 4. Carat Weight: Measures the diamond's weight, affecting its size and value.

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