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What Are Flawless And Internally Flawless Diamonds? GDC

Flawless And Internally Flawless Diamonds

Ever heard diamond experts talking about diamonds? They use many jargons that a lay person may not understand. One such term is flawless. The flawlessness of a diamond determines its clarity - another term most commonly associated with diamond grades.


In this blog, we’ll focus on clarity of diamonds talking about flawless diamonds with special attention on internally flawless (IF) and flawless (FL) diamonds. Read on.

What is a flawless diamond?

Diamonds are supposed to be perfect. They are graded for the 4Cs — diamond color, cut, carat, and clarity. The clarity grade is determined by the flawlessness of the diamonds, meaning the lesser the flaws in the diamond, the higher it ranks on the diamond clarity scale

What are flawless (FL) and internally flawless (IF) diamonds?

Flawless and internally flawless diamonds are highest on the diamond quality chart. This means they are the most flawless diamonds. To put things in perspective, FL and IF diamonds represent less than 0.5% of the diamonds in the world. 

FL and IF diamonds are so flawless, they don’t have visible inclusions under extremely strong magnification. The diamonds are flawless, extremely rare, and hence, very expensive. But how expensive are these diamonds? There’s no for sure answer to this because the price of a diamond depends on many other factors. Besides, if it's a lab grown diamond of FL grade, it’s going to cost much less than a mined FL diamond.


Difference between FL and IF diamonds

There are some differences between FL and IF diamonds. The main difference is the blemishes, graining, extra facets, and small regions in internally flawless diamonds. Another difference is the price. FL diamonds are more expensive than IF diamonds, as the latter has some inclusions. But, the bottom line is, one can never tell FL diamonds from IF diamonds by the naked eye.


Should you buy FL and IF diamonds?

F and IF diamonds are extremely expensive as they are the best quality diamonds. On the diamond clarity scale, these diamonds are right next to VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds, which are very very slightly included. VVS diamonds are cheaper than F and IF diamonds because they have slight inclusions.


For those who are on a budget, VVS diamond grades are a better option than F and IF. The reason being, F and IF diamonds cannot be differentiated by the naked eye. Their clarity looks the same. And hence, it’s pointless to spend on F and IF if you are on a budget. You could buy a little bigger size diamond for the same price that you’d pay for F and IF.


However, for those who want the best, F and IF diamonds are the most suitable. Perfectionists don’t settle for less and hence, should go for the best quality. If you are also particular about diamond color, colored diamonds of F and IF grade would cost more. You can find different diamond shapes of F and IF quality. 


FL diamonds would definitely provide satisfaction and peace of mind since you know you’ve got the best. The diamond you choose depends on the value you place on different factors of diamonds.

Over to you

Now that  you know what are flawless and internally flawless diamonds and the difference between the two, you can make better purchase decisions. The best way to go about selecting a good diamond is to know about the clarity of diamonds, but not to strictly follow the clarity scale. Rather, go for a diamond that suits both your taste and budget.

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