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Why are diamonds cut at all?

A rough lab grown diamond is shapeless, dull, and lifeless, just as mined diamonds are before they are cut. Until a diamond is cut, its magnificence remains untapped. Only the experience and craftsmanship of a cutter can unlock the real beauty of a lab created diamond. Hence, lab cut diamonds are the most important of the 4C’s.

At Grown Diamond Corporation, all our created diamonds are master cut with meticulous precision.

All our round shape diamonds are cut to AGS 000 standards with hearts & arrows symmetry which together result in super ideal and high light performance diamonds.

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Diamond Cut Grading Tool


AGS 000, or triple zero, is used in reference to the three cut aspects – proportions, symmetry, and polish – that require to be ‘ideal’. AGS 000 / Triple Zero: ideal proportion 0, ideal polish 0, ideal symmetry 0. AGS 000 or Triple Zero, is the highest cut grade that a diamond can have. It is the rare combination of ideal proportions, polish, and symmetry.

The AGS Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) is the only diamond cut grading tool endorsed by the science community. ASET is a device that gives the viewer a color-coded map of light usage. ASET maps are used to assess the brightness, contrast, and leakage of light in a diamond.

  • Hearts Symmetry
  • Arrows Symmetry

Hearts & Arrows Symmetry

When viewed from the top (crown), an ideally cut diamond should reveal eight symmetrical arrows. When the lab diamond is viewed from the bottom (pavilion), it should reveal eight symmetrical hearts.

Due to the extreme level of cutting precision required for symmetrical patterning, Hearts and Arrows diamonds have superior light performance and precise optical symmetry.

  • Hearts and Arrows Diamonds
  • Arrows Symmetry


Master Cut

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