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A lab grown diamond is more than a jewel – it is a work of art, pure and perfect. Divine in the way it is created – carefully engineered with the energies comparable to the natural powers of the Earth that form diamonds. ‘Is it right for me?’ You might wonder. The answer lies in its virtues.

Why Lab Grown Diamonds

Clean origin

The only conflict-free diamonds, far away from unethical activities such as mining, child labor and unsafe work environments, lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced/created with complete transparency, giving you peace of mind and confidence.

Diamond Cut Grading Tool
Diamond Cut Grading Tool

Eco friendly

If you’re just beginning to learn about the environmental sustainability of man-made diamonds, you must know – the process of creating them leaves the Earth untouched. With far lesser energy required, lab created diamonds produce less carbon dioxide emissions compared to mining.

Diamond Cut Grading Tool

Availability of Colored Lab Grown Diamonds

You can have best of both the worlds by adding a colored manmade diamond as it adds ideal twist to any jewelry. But discovering a colored diamond in nature is rare and also very expensive. In laboratory, researchers can manipulate a diamond better to grow colored diamonds, making them better available than ever before.

Diamond Cut Grading Tool
Diamond Cut Grading Tool

Unique choices meet extraordinary designs - a collaboration resulting in masterpieces

Fiery strong
Diamond Cut Grading Tool
You may wonder if man-made diamonds will shine forever. Born out of pure carbon – considered to be one of the strongest materials – lab diamonds are synonymous with toughness, durability and resistance. With the same molecular structure as mined diamonds, and matching chemical, optical, and physical properties, its durability has not an iota of doubt.
Consistent Supply
Diamond Cut Grading Tool
There’s another kind of promise these diamonds carry – of consistency of supply, and sustainability of the grown diamond industry. Offering a clean legacy to pass on to the next generations, created diamonds have a tale to tell, are a heritage to be proud of. Conscience-keepers, they are crafted to live forever.

Fairly Priced, Certified, Insured, Resalable –
Safe And Secure In Every Way

In the world of diamonds, chock-full with complexity, the grown diamond industry follows an internationally accepted standard pricing system.
Certified with unique numbers, each grown diamond is engraved and complete before it leaves the labs, given with original certificates.
And yes, just like any other diamonds, lab diamonds can be insured too, so that they’re always safe and secure.
And if you ever wish to part with created diamonds, it was never a worthless purchase. Lab diamonds have a similar resale value as mined diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds Last Forever – Born For Eternity

Diamond Cut Grading Tool
Man-Made Diamonds – Sparkling Rise

As consumers recognize the power of change through every purchase – small and big – they express their choice for ethical, environmentally safe, fair and clean products. Diamonds are no different. The alternative to unethical, blood diamonds and conflict diamonds are lab-created diamonds.

The new generation has fallen in love with grown diamonds owing to its high humanitarian and environmental value. What is more, its affordability makes it easy for everyone to purchase and indulge in luxury.

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Diamond Cut Grading Tool


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Lab Grown FAQ’s

How are lab diamonds certified? Lab diamonds certified

Lab diamonds are certified through certification labs such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the Gem Certification And Assurance Lab (GCAL) and International Gemological Institute (IGI) among others.

How are grown diamonds graded? grown diamonds graded

Just like mined diamonds, lab diamonds are graded based on the 4 Cs – Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat.

Are all man made diamonds alike? all man made diamonds alike

No. Every diamond created in a lab is different. The only thing common is the process through which they are made. Just like Earth-formed diamonds, lab diamonds are all unique and different.

Are there coloured lab diamonds? coloured lab diamonds

Yes, there are coloured lab diamonds – yellow, brown, orange, red, pink, black, blue, and green.

Why is cut so important for diamonds? cut so important for diamonds

Cut is important as it brings sparkle, hides inclusions, and affects the way a diamond looks, among other reasons.

Can grown diamonds be put into custom jewellery setting? grown diamonds be put into custom jewellery setting

Absolutely! Lab diamonds can be bought as loose stones and set into any custom jewellery design.

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