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Green Diamonds: What Makes Them So Stunning And Sought After?

Green Diamonds

Whether lab grown diamonds or mined diamonds, gem stones are available in various colors—yellow, red, blue, pink, and green, among others. 


Among colored diamonds, green diamonds are quite rare and unique. And that’s why they are so famous. But what makes them green? Why are they so popular? And should you buy green diamonds? That’s what we explore in this blog.

What are green colored diamonds?

While colorless diamonds are the most common, there are colored diamonds, too. Some colors are quite rare, and hence, more valuable. One of those colors is green. 


Green diamonds are available in a wide range of shades and hues. Take a look at this chart by the Gemological Institute of America that shows a range of green colored diamonds.


Different causes of color in green diamonds produce slightly different hue ranges.


How do green diamonds get their color? 


Green diamonds can be either grown diamonds or form naturally underneath the earth. Natural diamonds turn green when they form under rocks containing radioactive materials, such as thorium and uranium. They turn green due to chemical processes that occur between the two. Diamonds grown in the lab are exposed to a radiation process to turn them into green color. 


Why are green diamonds so sought after? 


Green diamonds signify fertility and vitality. Green being the color of spring, it also symbolizes new beginnings. Green diamonds are rare, and hence, sought after. 


Green diamonds also symbolize hope and that makes it a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. Moreover, with so many fancy colored diamonds available, consumers prefer to choose them for their engagement rings, for the uniqueness factor.


There are many famous green diamonds in the world. Among them is the Dresden Green, displayed in the Green Vault in Dresden, Germany for over 200 years. It weighs 41 carats. 


Recently, in 2018, the Natural History Museum, Los Angeles exhibited more than 60 green diamonds, featuring Mantis Diamond, which is the largest vivid yellow-green diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America.


Green diamonds have also become popular because of celebrities. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s green diamond engagement ring caught the attention of fans and media. 


How to assess green diamonds before buying one? 


Check this image to understand the different shades of green and their color grading:

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Are you looking to buy a green lab grown diamond?


Natural green diamonds are extremely rare, and hence, also the most expensive. But for those consumers who are on a budget and yet want to purchase a green diamond, there are grown diamond options.

Diamonds grown in laboratories can be created green by following the same chemical and scientific process that forms green diamonds under the surface of the earth.

Moreover, lab grown green diamonds are also cheaper. Lab diamonds are at least 40 to 50% cheaper than mined diamonds. This means, consumers can buy better quality real diamonds created in laboratories for the same price that they’d pay for mined diamonds.

If you’re looking to buy a real green diamond, lab grown diamonds are the most thoughtful options.

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