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Lab Grown Colored Diamonds

A quick online search for ‘lab grown colored diamonds’ brings up thousands of beautiful images — yellow cushion cut finger ring, violet earrings, pink pendant, fancy white studs… and the list goes on.


Fashion-forward consumers are favoring colored lab diamonds and retailers/ jewelry brands are addressing their preference with a wide range of designs.


Consider these numbers:



With so much going on in the world of lab grown diamonds, in this article, we take a look at some fashionable lab made colored diamond trends.


Colored lab diamonds


While colored mined diamonds are rare, it’s easy to find lab created colored diamonds. Simply because lab diamonds are not made under the Earth’s surface over millions of years, but in controlled conditions in laboratories.


Diamond manufacturers can easily create diamonds of different colors. Let’s look at what the different colored lab diamonds signify, and some ways in which fashion jewelry brands are using them.


Blue: Carrying a regal and royal feel, blue colored lab diamonds have been commonly seen on celebrities. From finger rings to earrings and bracelets, blue lab diamonds are suitable for all kinds of jewelry designs. What is more, blue diamonds are available in different shapes, too.


Green: Green colored lab diamonds symbolize vigor and liveliness. Remember how singer and actor Jennifer Lopez’s green diamond engagement ring instantly became a trend setter. Green lab diamonds aren’t just for rings. They go well in earrings, danglers, and necklaces as well.


Pink: Pink colored lab made diamonds have a vibe of sophistication and charm. They are available in different shapes such as emerald-cut, round, pear-shaped, among others. Hence, pink lab diamonds can be suitable to all kinds of jewelry.


Orange: One of the rarest mined diamond colors is orange. However, you can find a range of orange colored diamonds created in labs. Also called pumpkin diamond owing to its color, orange diamonds are quite unique and hence look stylish when studden in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


Lab colored diamonds for engagement rings


The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of diamonds is engagement rings. And it’s no surprise that lab created colored diamonds have made it to engagement and wedding rings, too.


With many celebrities setting the trend of engagement and wedding rings studded with colored lab grown diamonds, conscious millennials all across the world are now going for lab diamonds for their big day.


Being identical to mined diamonds in chemical properties, lab diamonds, which are ethical and sustainable, are increasingly being preferred in wedding and engagement rings.


Moreover, lab grown diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds. Hence, one can buy a much larger size diamond for the engagement or wedding ring.


Besides, new-age couples also prefer to be a part of something unique and advanced compared to buying the traditional, cliched mined diamond. For couples, it’s a way of making a fashion statement.


Lab made colored diamond shapes


Lab grown colored diamonds are available in different shapes as well — classic round brilliant, princess cut, radiant, heart, oval, trilliant and pear, among other shapes. This makes it more exciting for both jewelry designers and customers to experiment and create unique designs.


Moreover, with most retailers offering customized designs, all that customers have to do is imagine their piece of jewelry — the color, shape, and size of the lab diamond to go with their choice of jewelry design.


Should you buy a lab grown colored diamond?


The answer is a definitive yes! If you’re a fashion conscious individual who prefers to make thoughtful fashion choices, a lab created colored diamond should be the only option you should pick.


With the ease of finding lab diamonds in your choice of colors, shapes, and sizes, there’s no reason why it can’t fit your unique fashion style.

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