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Lab Created Diamond Rings: Why Do We Give Diamond Engagement Rings?

Diamond Engagement Rings

A diamond is considered to be the purest form of jewels. Owning a diamond hence becomes one of the most prestigious possessions for an individual, and this is what makes diamonds as costly as they are and enables people to own them and consider it to add to their assets and to their prestige. One gift diamonds to one’s loved ones rather than buying it for oneself. Diamonds are also considered as one of the best gifts to be given to your spouses and close ones.


A phenomenon suggests that a lot of people think we buy diamonds for engagement rings because of the advertisements that surround them. Some people also believe that the roots of this idea are the advertising campaigns driving the need of a diamond in the engagement ring as showcased in the 1939 ad campaign by De Beers.

In case of engagement rings advertisers just came along with the flow, long after the diamond had already cemented its place in the engagement rings. The real theory behind the use of round diamonds in engagement rings is much more engrossing.


The reason finds its roots in the history and its economic idiosyncrasies: 


For the longest time in the American history, if a man spent a night with a woman, he was legally obligated to wed her. In one of the political acts, the shotgun wedding laws were abolished in the Progressive Era. As love marriage took centre stage, the wedding laws were considered old- fashioned and out-dated. The abolishment of these laws was very easy process; there was not much protest among the general public as a majority was in favor of the decision of the court. And now, as all the other rules were abolished under the name of love, men used an engagement ring as a ‘pledge’. The new rule was that, if a man provided collateral to signify his love. It added to the baseline of the love, as the word of the man was not considered enough. This is where it idea of an engagement ring came into being and has been used largely since then. Even though the actual reason of using diamonds in engagement rings is a little somber, diamonds are still considered as the purest form of jewels. They still hold paramount importance as gifts and accessories!

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