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Synthetic Diamonds: Why Real Synthetic Diamonds are Cost-Effective

Synthetic Diamonds

Real. Pure. Beautiful. Affordable. Precious. Synthetic diamonds have all the qualities that consumers want in their diamonds. And above all, synthetic diamonds cost less than mined diamonds. Does that mean they are less precious than mined diamonds? Certainly not! According to experts, the emotional value that mined-diamonds have come to hold is all man-made. Diamonds weren’t part of any tradition. Marketing tactics of certain diamond brands created the hype about making diamonds an integral part of engagements and traditions around the 1940s. Neither does a mined-diamond’s value appreciate or bring high resell values. Market experts suggest that investing in diamonds is a myth in itself.


But diamonds are definitely precious stones that carry beauty and make for beautiful jewelry pieces. The purpose of diamonds is being beautiful and real; lab-created diamonds meets both these requirements. Lab-grown diamonds are as real as mined diamonds with the same physical, visual and chemical properties. They are as beautiful, as sparkly and of the same quality as mined diamonds. One of the main differences between mined and real synthetic diamonds is the price.


Mined and synthetic diamond price difference

In general, real synthetic diamonds are 20 to 30 % cheaper than mined diamonds.Why is that so? There are several reasons for the high prices of mined diamonds.



Reasons for affordable synthetic diamonds price

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