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Orange colored lab diamonds


Lab created diamonds have been gaining preference, whether the diamond is for regular wear jewelry or a special occasion such as an engagement ring.


These colored lab diamonds should not be confused with simulant diamonds as they are chemically and structurally the same as natural diamonds. Lab diamonds are also graded and certified in the same way as diamonds sourced from the Earth.


Lab made diamonds are the preferred choice for conscious consumers. With consumers’ growing interest and demons to buy lab diamonds, lab diamond manufacturers have addressed customer needs for fancy colored lab diamonds as well.


A wide range of color choices


Lab diamonds are available in a wide variety of brilliant shades. Lab grown diamond manufacturers address customers’ demands and expectations by offering high-quality, certified lab diamonds in various shades.



Donning a regal vibe, blue colored lab diamonds have gained popularity in recent years. Blue diamonds grown in labs are being seen studded in all kinds of jewelry such as neck pieces, earrings, bracelets, and engagement rings, too.



Pink colored engineered diamonds carry style, sophistication, and charm. Available in different shapes such as emerald-cut, round, pear-shaped, among others, pink lab diamonds are seen in all kinds of jewelry. In 2018, Camila Mendes’s 5-carat pink lab grown diamond made heads turn at the People’s Choice Awards.



Green colored lab diamonds are considered rare and valuable. Symbolizing youth, liveliness and vigor, green lab diamonds are commonly studded in engagement rings, earrings, danglers, and necklaces. Consider fans going gaga over celebrity singer and actor Jennifer Lopez’s green diamond engagement ring, much talked about in the design and diamond industry recently.



While red natural diamonds are the rarest, orange diamonds are the second rarest colored diamonds. However, orange colored lab diamonds are easily created in laboratories. At times, called pumpkin diamonds owing to the color, orange diamonds are quite unique and hence look stylish.



One of the most common colored diamonds are white diamonds. White engineered diamonds have been gaining popularity in recent years. With celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Meghan Markel, and Emma Watson donning white lab made diamonds at awards nights, it’s no surprise that fans are following their conscious footsteps in support of white lab diamonds.


Apart from the above, colored lab grown diamonds are available in shades of purple, yellow, olive, black, red, smokey, and more.


Why customers prefer colored lab diamonds


Lab diamonds are conflict free: When customers buy lab diamonds, there’s a higher level of transparency. They know the origin of the diamond and hence know that their stone is guaranteed conflict-free.


Lab diamonds are eco-friendly: Man made diamonds are created in laboratories with a lesser footprint on the environment. Moreover, it doesn’t involve digging the earth and hence, is a green choice.


Lab created diamonds are sustainable: As diamonds are manufactured in laboratories, their demand and supply can be monitored, which makes it a more sustainable choice compared to Earth-sourced diamonds that involve a high level of disturbance to natural resources.


Lab made diamonds are certified: Lab diamonds are pure, graded just like natural diamonds, are laser inscribed and are accompanied by certificates. 


Affordable and valuable: Man made diamonds are more affordable compared to Earth-mined diamonds. They are high-quality and valuable.


Over to you


Are you looking to grow your lab created diamond collection? If yes, make sure you add some color to your collection with colored lab diamonds. When you buy diamonds from Grown Diamond Corporation, not only can you choose your colors, you can customize your colored diamonds to your preferred specifications. Explore our range of colored lab diamonds.

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