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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States has changed the definition of diamonds in its jewelry guidelines by removing the word ‘natural’. This further reinforces the position of lab-grown diamonds as real diamond.


How often have you found yourself in a dilemma when buying diamonds? Most people are torn between choosing from the two types of diamonds based on the sources they come from – mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds. If your decision is based on the factors of cost and the need to consciously buy an ethical product, you would definitely choose a man-made diamond. But for years we’ve been told that only those diamonds that are created and sourced from the earth are real diamonds.


Finally, with this change by the FTC, which is based on scientific facts, most consumers are getting clarity about the misleading terms and the general confusion related to the authenticity of diamonds. The FTC guides are formed to protect consumers from deceitful communication by marketers and help consumers make informed choices.


Changes made by the FTC

Considering that the earlier definition was made in the year 1956, post which technological advances have made it possible to create diamonds in labs, the FTC eliminated certain words related to mined and man made diamonds. Some of the crucial changes are:


Earlier man-made diamonds could not be called real, cultured, genuine, stone or birthstone. However, with the new guidelines, man-made diamonds can include these terms in its glossary.


Consumers’ gain

On one hand this move by FTC has brought worry to the mined diamond industry, and on the other hand, consumers and man-made diamond producers have gained immensely. Consumers will now be sure that the diamonds they buy are in fact real. For diamond producers and sellers, it comes as a relief as they can now communicate to the consumers with much clarity and confidence.


Diamond industry’s benefit

Man-made diamonds are about 30% cheaper than mined diamonds. Man-made diamonds are ethically produced and contribute to conscious buying and selling. Man-made diamond producers and jewelry brands will now be able to comfortably and confidently market their products as real and genuine without causing confusions to the consumers. As manufacturing technologies for man-made diamonds advance, the supply of these diamonds will increase to meet the market demand. The prices too would see a decrease, meaning more consumers will be able to purchase real diamonds.

Whether mined or man-made, more number of consumers will be able to afford and buy real diamonds, which is a delightful promise for consumers.


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