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Lab Created Diamond Buying Tips

“Let’s go buy a diamond, today!” said nobody since the evolution of mankind. Diamonds have always been worthy of a long discussion and multiple influencers or numerous decision makers when it is about making them a part of our jewellery family. And now, with the availability of lab created diamonds, this process hasn’t gotten any easier. Lab created diamonds are the next big thing to take over the jewellery market with their multiple eye widening qualities. If you’re looking to buy a lab created diamond, we have a list of tips that would help you make a thoughtful decision!

Do your research


Researching is an integral part of any process, especially when it is about purchasing a diamond or more so when it is about a lab created diamond. You can start off by researching whether what you’re buying is actually a lab created diamond or not. Most of the lab created diamonds are widely available for purchase on the internet. Make sure you don’t fall prey to websites selling stimulants as lab created diamonds; research and choose a trustworthy platform. For the basics, lab created diamonds is REAL diamonds that look similar to the mined diamonds in shape size and colour; anything different would be a false diamond.


Learn the 4Cs


When talking about diamonds, you must know about the 4Cs related to them, the bond they share is as strong as a cup and a saucer. The 4Cs are the plinth of diamonds. They briefly include cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. The 4Cs define the quality of the diamonds and affect the cost of the diamond to a large extent. *extra tip- if you’re looking to buy it on a budget, opt for a lower grade of the diamond as the inclusions aren’t visible to the naked eye!


Consider a coloured stone


If you’re a fancy person and love adding colour to your jewellery, lab grown diamonds are the perfect choice for you. They are available in peppy yet subtle colours like- yellow, blue and pink. These colours will help you add the much-needed pep to your diamond ring. To top this, fancy coloured lab created diamonds are also cheaper than coloured mined diamonds.


Tweak your budget


Purchasing any commodity forces you to tweak your budget; it’s always nice you get more than expected in your planned budget! lab grown diamonds are cheaper than most diamonds and will give you an extended edge on the diamond you buy. Have a closer look at the rates and compare two or more websites to get the best bet.


Don’t forget the grading


You might get a little carried away with the benefits of the lab created diamonds, but hold back and make sure the diamond you are buying adheres to the grades of lab created diamonds. This is the most important facet that drives the quality of a diamond. Your diamond must have a certified grading report from a reputed lab like the EGL (European Gemological Laboratories), IGI (International Gemological Institute) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America). With the help of these tips you must not be any less than a pro in making a purchase of a lab created diamond. So go ahead and start your research, and make sure to double check with the grading!



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