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The Graff Pink Diamond

While you may have seen many different types of transparent diamonds, colored diamonds are rare. Whether they’re lab grown diamonds or mined, colored diamonds are considered more unique, and hence valuable.


One such colored diamond that is much spoken about is the Graff Pink diamond. Heard about it but don’t know why it’s so famous? We’ll tell you all about it in this blog.

What is the Graff Pink diamond?

The Graff Pink diamond is a rare 24.78 carat diamond. It is a natural pink diamond. This diamond was once owned by American celebrity Harry Winston, and sold in the 1950s to a private collector. 


So why is it so special? That’s because it is classified as fancy intense pink, which is a high color rating for pink diamonds. Moreover it is a type IIa diamond, which makes it a rare diamond—one among two percent of the world’s diamonds.


What is more, diamond dealer Lawrence Graff bought it for $46 million at an auction in 2010—making it the most expensive diamond in the world.


Now we know why the Graff Pink diamond is so famous. 

Is the Graff Pink a flawless diamond?

It was graded as a potentially flawless diamond. This means it needed some bit of polishing work. According to Graff Diamonds, it had 25 natural flaws, and the diamond company’s experts were able to perfect those flaws using cutting-edge technology. All this while keeping the diamond’s shape and symmetry intact.


Another thing that the Graff Company wanted was to increase the diamond color intensity. Once the color was enhanced, the Graff Pink diamond looked more breathtaking than ever. The diamond was sent to the Gemological Institute of America for grading. It was graded as  23.88 diamond carat internally flawless vivid pink diamond.


Thus, the Graff Pink diamond became an internally flawless diamond from potentially flawless, and a vivid pink from intense pink diamond

To get a better understanding of how the diamond colors are graded, let’s look at the GIA diamond color chart



What is the price of the Graff Pink diamond and how has it impacted pink diamonds?

The Graff Pink diamond’s price in 2010 was $46 million. After which, the diamond has been enhanced—-with better color and clarity. This means the diamond’s value has appreciated. But its current value is not revealed. 


However, we do know one thing—since the Graff Pink diamond’s popularity, other pink diamonds have started gaining attention and their prices have appreciated, too.

Many celebrities have been seen flaunting pink diamonds—among them are Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Victoria Beckham. The pink diamond craze has picked up and everyone now wants to buy a pink diamond engagement ring.

Moreover, conscious consumers are increasingly looking to buy lab created diamonds. And the best part—there’s no dearth of lab grown diamonds that are pink. Since lab diamonds are created using technology and man made diamond manufacturers can produce as many pink lab diamonds as one wants. This means, consumers are now opting for ethically created lab grown diamonds in their favorite color - pink. 

Sum up

Are you looking for a pink diamond engagement ring or a rare pink diamond for your jewelry? If yes, you’re in luck with lab diamonds. You can customize a pink diamond of the carat, color, shape, and more, based on your budget.

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