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Diamond Engagement Ring: Why Diamond Is Used in Engagement Ring?

Diamond Engagement Ring

All Human Beings have a sole purpose and that is to stay happy.We are all looking to be happy and contented.When we are connected with some other person we share a loving bond with that person.We called that person better half because the other person becomes mirror image of our personality.We share joys and sorrows with that person.

When we are in love the world around us looks nice.We find happiness in each and every thing we do. We also begin to appreciate giving, giving time, giving compliments, giving little gifts and giving big gifts.We are always looking for that special gift for our better half.Diamond is a precious gift that we can give to our loved one.

Giving a diamond ring is a practice that has been carried since ancient times.Many kings used to gift diamond rings to their queens.Just like pigeon is considered as a symbol of peace, diamond is considered as an eternal symbol of love.Love can’t be better expressed than giving a diamond.A woman loves it when her man gets down on his knees and proposes her with a diamond ring.No matter what her age is every woman is delighted when her man gives this special gift to her.No luxury items and gifts can replace items in terms of its sheer beauty & elegance .
So what makes diamond so beautiful?Is it the physical beauty of some other attributes.
Diamonds represent faithfulness, love, purity, innocence, and relationships filled with love.These qualities are essential for a long lasting bond with your love one.They remove negative aura from your personality.Diamond Jewellery creates faith,patience,long lasting love & an eternal bond with your loved one.Diamonds are hardest natural substance on earth.Such a hard substance can create a long lasting relationship.
It is considered an esteemed gift owing to its beauty,purity and ability to reflect light.Wearing a diamond brings clarity of thought and a positive vibration around us. Lab Created Diamonds also called as Lab Grown Diamonds can be a perfect choice because they are conflict free and eco-friendly. The only difference between Lab Grown Diamonds and mined diamonds is the point of origin.Lab Made Diamonds are not created by destroying families and hence don’t harm mother nature.

The most famous diamond in the world the Koh-I-Noor has a significant history and is believed to be a 5000 year old gem from India.Diamond is indeed a symbol of elegance and eternity

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