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What Are Accent Diamonds | How to Choose Perfect Accent Diamonds

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The beauty of jewelry is in the details. When buying diamond jewelry, have you ever noticed smaller diamonds added for extra sparkle? These small stones enhance the large center diamond. We’re talking about accent diamonds. While most customers focus on the main diamond – the center stone – accent diamonds often get overlooked. In this blog, we’ll tell you:


What are accent diamonds?


Accent diamonds or diamond accents are smaller diamonds that are placed beside or around a large diamond in a jewelry piece to enhance its look, volume, sparkle, and design. These small diamonds are available in different shapes. Accent diamonds are real diamonds. They are graded for color, cut, clarity and carat weight, just as large real diamonds. They are just smaller diamonds and hence less valuable individually


What are the different accent diamond shapes?


Accent diamonds are available in different shapes. Here are four common shapes of accent diamonds used in jewelry:


1. Round Accent Diamonds


Round accent diamonds are in the classic round shape. They are versatile as they can beautifully complement almost all shapes of larger diamonds. Even though simple, these classic accent diamonds are commonly paired with diamonds of different shapes in diamond accent rings – round, princess, emerald, asscher, heart, oval, and more.


2. Marquise Accent Diamonds


Marquise diamonds are oval shaped diamonds with rounded sides, and feature a sharp point at the top and bottom. As its shape is elongated, visually, it tends to appear larger than its actual size. This shape is often used as side stones. Having a unique shape makes them versatile, and can be added to different types of large diamonds. For example, imagine an engagement ring with diamond accents around a princess cut or an emerald cut diamond.


3. Trillion Accent Diamonds


Trillion diamonds are triangular shaped diamonds. They’re rarely seen as the center stone in diamond jewelry, and are most commonly used as accent diamonds. They may have curved or non curved sides. Trillion accent diamonds are specifically known for their sparkle and shine and hence, are teamed up with round and oval diamonds, among other cuts, to provide extra sparkle.


4. Baguette Accent Diamonds


Baguette accent diamonds have a rectangular shape. These diamonds are paired with large diamonds as side stones owing to their longish shape. Moreover, this diamond’s shape makes it extremely easy to be embed on the sides of the center diamond, no matter the type of diamond accent jewelry they are used for.


How to choose accent diamond jewelry?


If you’re looking for diamond accent jewelry, in addition to selecting the right shape, you must consider some important factors. Here are some important tips to follow:



The center stone of any piece of jewelry should be the most colorless. For example, when you’re choosing an engagement ring with accent diamonds, make sure the center stone is the most colorless. The accent diamonds should be 1 to 3 color grades lower than the center diamond.



Just like the color of the accent diamonds, the clarity of these diamonds should also be 1 to 2 grades lower than the main diamond. That said, most small accent diamonds have low clarity.



Generally, diamond accents do not go over 0.25 carat weight. But when selecting diamond accent jewelry, one must choose accent diamonds based on personal preference, as well as its visual appeal.


All accent diamonds should match

It's important to choose accent diamonds that are of the same size, color, clarity and carat. This will help enhance the look of the center stone as well as the entire piece of jewelry. Diamond accents that vary in color, size, and clarity might ruin the look of the center stone.


Personalize your accent diamond jewelry

While most people might pick standard pairings when they look for accent diamond jewelry, you can customize yours to your design choice. Go bold, pair different accent diamond shapes to create unique designs.



If you’re still reading, you know the importance of accent diamonds. Even though they’re small, they can make or break the look of a jewelry piece. And most often, customers tend to ignore these smaller diamonds. Accent diamonds can help you take the sparkle and shine of your jewelry to another level. So, choose your diamonds like a real diamond connoisseur.

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