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High Quality Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab made diamonds are as real as mined diamonds. They have the same appearance and quality as natural diamonds. Inspite of being real, lab diamonds cost up to 30% to 40% lesser than mined diamonds.


However, finding the highest quality lab grown diamonds is easier said than done. To begin with, there are many different types of man made diamonds. They may be real or simulant.


For customers, it’s okay to be skeptical about the origin of the diamonds. The important thing is to carefully assess a few factors when buying a lab diamond online.


Below, we’ve shared a few points to consider to help you buy the best quality lab diamonds within your budget.


Top tips to buy lab grown diamonds on a budget


Do your research

The first thing to ascertain is whether or not you’re buying a lab diamond that is real. One way to be sure about this factor is to buy your lab created diamond from a reputed manufacturer or company.


Some brands might be selling diamond simulants in place of lab diamonds. As both look alike and can get confusing, it’s important to buy lab grown diamonds from reputed brands that sell real diamonds made in laboratories.


Buy diamonds with grading certificates

When you buy a lab grown diamond from a reputable brand, your diamonds should come with grading certificates from laboratories and organizations such as IGI, GIA, EGL, etc. These certificates would mention the properties of the engineered diamond.


Lab diamonds are upto 30% to 40% cheaper than mined diamonds. However, if your lab diamonds cost extremely less (for example, in hundreds and not thousands), that’s a red flag and the diamond might not be a real lab diamond.


Evaluate the 4 Cs

Just like real diamonds, the cost of lab created diamonds is determined by its properties. Diamonds with higher quality cut, carat, and clarity are priced more.


Lab diamonds are also available in color and cost much less than colored mined diamonds.


There are four main factors to evaluate the quality of lab grown diamonds – the 4 C’s – carat, color, clarity and cut.


Everyone would want to buy a good diamond. A good lab diamond is characterized by a good size, high cut quality, colorless appearance, and clarity.


Now, if you’re on a budget, you would have three options to choose a good engineered diamond:


1. Find a diamond with the best balance between all the four factors

2. The largest diamond

3. A smaller diamond with extremely high quality of color, cut, clarity


Narrow down your search to your budget

The good thing about looking for the highest quality lab grown diamond online is that you can easily begin your search based on your budget. Hence, it’s better to work within your budget from the start. This ensures you don’t waste your time and effort.


Most online lab grown diamond platforms, such as Grown Diamond Corporation, make it easy for customers to narrow down their search based on their preferred budget. This makes it easy for you to customize your diamond if you want to. You could upgrade the cut, clarity, color, carat, etc. as you’d be saving a bit on the price.


For example, if the size of the diamond is more important to you when you’re buying an engagement ring, you could buy a slightly lower quality lab diamond but a large size within your preferred price range.


Final thoughts


Finding the right grown diamond within your budget can take time, and hence, it’s best to take your time, explore all your options, and then make a thought-through purchase. That way, you can be sure to choose a grown diamond that is the best price, quality, and style.

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