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Best Lab Grown Diamonds - Where to Buy Online in 2022

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Diamonds are precious and valuable – no matter if they’re lab grown diamonds or Earth mined. For most people, buying diamonds means investing a lot of money, time, effort, and emotions.


Buying diamonds seems like a difficult task for many. However, it doesn’t have to be. Platforms such as Grown Diamond Corporation make it an easy and enjoyable experience.


For many people, the difficulty of buying lab diamonds comes from not having enough knowledge about stones and hence, a lack of confidence.


Whether you want to buy lab grown diamonds for yourself, for your customers, as a gift for someone, or for an engagement ring, and wondering where to buy lab grown diamonds, we’ll make it easy for you to decide.


Here’s how Grown Diamond Corporation has made buying lab made diamonds easy:


Access the largest lab diamond inventory


Grown Diamond Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality lab grown diamonds, brings together decades of experience and expertise in the gems and jewels industry to its digital platforms. The platforms are easily accessible through its website.


Moreover, Grown Diamond Corporation’s inventory is available on Virtual Diamond Boutique (VDB) – a trading platform that houses the world’s finest diamonds, gemstones, and finished jewelry.


Another online platform from where you can buy some of the best lab grown diamonds is Polygon. It is one of the most active trading platforms for grown diamonds and jewelry and one of the best places to buy lab grown diamonds online.


If you’re looking to buy lab grown diamonds online, you’re in luck with these three platforms.




CRBN is one of the largest B2B portals for merchants and jewelers to buy certified diamonds made in labs, as well as finished jewelry. On CRBN, buyers can watch 360 degree virtual videos, images, and certificates of all diamonds before they place orders.


Its dashboard enables CRBN members to access their order history, save items to the shopping cart and purchase at a later date. Members also receive free shipping on their first order. It’s a platform where diamond merchants, retailers and jewelers have been safely and securely buying man made diamonds directly from the producers.




Grown Diamond Corporation is one of the few online diamond platforms to integrate Cutwise - a technology that allows customers to view the performance of the lab grown diamonds to help them make purchase decisions.


From color, fluorescence, transparency, clarity, carat weight, fire, brilliance, cut pattern and more, buyers can get into the details of each and every lab diamond before making the purchase.




Grown Diamond Corporation is a one stop shop for all real lab diamond needs - from different types of diamonds to diamond-studded jewelry. The platform offers customized and personalized eye-catching options of jewelry - engagement rings, necklace, earring, among others. From simple, classic, to trendy, the designs run a gamut. 


Why buy lab grown diamonds from Grown Diamond Corporation


Grown Diamond Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of the biggest lab diamonds. With almost two decades of experience in the gem and jewelry industry, the brand is considered one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors in the online market for lab diamonds and custom jewelry.


Marked with assurance, the brand only offers lab grown diamonds created in their own laboratories. Hence, customers and retailers can be assured that each diamond is crafted with utmost care and expertise of master cutters.


Moreover, the brand strives to bring the best lab created diamonds at the best prices. Owing to the fact that the brand manufactures its own diamonds, and sells exclusively online, they’re able to cut out the high costs that come with middle man and long supply chains.


What is even better is that the brand has the ability to customize and personalize jewelry, from the diamond seed to the finished jewelry piece. All this in a few clicks on the online portal.


Over the years, Grown Diamond Corporation has made buying lab made diamonds much easier by marrying technology with expertise and excellent customer service. Let’s look at the various features of the Grown Diamond Corporation portal.

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