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Do lab grown diamonds have long-term value as mined diamonds?

While at least 66% of diamond shoppers said they would consider buying lab grown diamonds, there are many who still argue about the value of grown diamonds. Consumers are concerned about the resale value of lab diamonds, about its availability in the future, and about the quality compared to mined diamonds.


But ask any diamond connoisseur/ expert if lab created diamonds have long-term value, and the answer would be an affirmative yes!


In this blog, we’ll tell you why we’re so confident about the long-term value of grown diamonds.


Why lab grown diamonds would be highly valuable in the future


Lab created diamonds can meet market demands


Compared to mined diamonds that take billions of years to be formed under the surface of the Earth, lab grown diamonds can be mass produced in laboratories within a few weeks.


This makes it possible for lab diamonds to meet demand and supply requirements as per the market needs. The below illustration shows the global market share of lab-grown diamonds in different countries a couple of years back. And the good news is, the demand has been growing since.


Moreover, mined diamonds are a limited resource as the supply of many mines is decreasing and getting exhausted. But man made diamonds can be created as per demand. This makes lab diamonds more valuable.


Lab grown diamonds are as real as mined diamonds


Grown diamond manufacturers use two techniques to create diamonds in the labs – CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature). Both these methods replicate the exact diamond creation process that occurs under the Earth. Hence, providing the same chemical properties found in mined diamonds. This makes grown diamonds as real as mined diamonds. And hence, as valuable as them.


Moreover, lab diamonds are far from all the ethical concerns around diamond mining such as environmental concerns, social safety, fair labor practices, etc.


Environment conscious consumers prefer grown diamonds


Whether it’s clothes, food, or diamonds, there’s a growing population of new-generation environmentally conscious consumers. They prefer alternatives that are clean, sustainable, cruelty-free, and safe for the environment compared to gems produced through diamond mining.


Lab created diamonds check all these preferences. Created by using sustainable methods in environments that are safe for workers, there’s no doubt lab diamonds are less harmful to the environment, people, and society. As the preference for ethical products keeps rising, the value of lab diamonds is going to increase further.


Lab created diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds


Diamonds grown in laboratories are at least 40 to 50 percent cheaper than mined diamonds. But that doesn’t mean they compromise on quality. Lab diamonds offer the same quality as mined diamonds. Brilliance, fire, scintillation, purity, color, cut, clarity – lab grown diamonds are graded for all these factors and you can be sure about it.


Lab diamonds are graded as per the same quality standards of the 4Cs as mined diamonds. Some organizations that grade mined diamonds as well as grown diamonds are GIA, IGI, GCAL, among others.


Lab diamonds are graded based on the same parameters as lab diamonds. When customers purchase lab diamonds, they are given certificates, just as with mined diamonds. This means customers have a certificate of authentication. Thus, lab diamonds, even though cheaper in price, are extremely valuable.


Lab diamonds demonstrate strength and durability


Since lab-created diamonds are made through the same chemical and physical properties that create diamonds under the earth, one need not worry about the durability or strength of the diamonds in the long run.


Lab diamonds do not get scratched or cloudy. But they can get chipped if they aren’t taken care of, just as mined diamonds can break and chip. Hence, buyers of grown diamonds should consider them valuable and precious from the time they own them and take care of them. That way you can be sure grown diamonds will last forever.


Should you buy a lab grown diamond?


The answer is yes! If you want to buy large size diamonds within a specific budget, lab grown diamonds are your best option. If you want to support ethical and sustainable diamond production practices, go for diamonds created in labs. If you want a diamond that will remain valuable in the long-run, you should choose a grown diamond.

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