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Why Buy Lab Created Diamonds with GIA certified?

GIA Certified Lab Created Diamonds

Anyone looking for loose diamond has many questions before they make their purchase which can profoundly affect their buying decision. Important factors like, is color more important or clarity? They often are confused with questions like is G VS2 better than H VS1? There are many false assumptions and rumors that can misguide a buyer. Only way a buyer can know the authenticity of a diamond if it is a certified. There are many labs that certify diamonds but GIA ranks number one. GIA certificate clearly exhibits characteristics of diamonds making it easy to compare and choose. 


GIA, The Gemological Institute of America is an independent non-profit institute dedicated to research and education in the field of gemology and jewelry. A GIA Certificate is a document that includes a complete scientific and impartial examination of the 4Cs of your diamond, also known as a diamond grading report, diamond analysis document or dossier. Each diamond submitted is checked by GIA to assess its authenticity as a diamond and whether it has undergone treatment. A full description of the diamond is given in the GIA reports with all the required detailing making it very convenient to buy lab grown diamonds even to a novice buyer.


We at GROWN DIAMOND CORPORATION, understand the needs and concerns of individuals looking for loose lab grown diamonds or retailers and wholesalers looking for bulk purchases. We are proud to announce that we are first to receive GIA certificate for lab grown diamonds. This certification gives us an edge in the industry. We always believed in giving best to our customers and have worked towards precision by offering master cut and bespoke diamonds. With GIA certification we have only proved further of our honesty, thus gaining more trust from our existing clients and ones looking for GIA certified lab diamonds. The purpose of the certificate is to document a diamond's key features that affect its value.


Buy GIA certified lab grown diamonds, as we at GROWN DIAMOND CORPORATION, consider this certificate to be 5th C, as important and valuable as Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight of a diamond. That way, you know that the diamond that you get is exactly the same quality you're paying for.

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