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Why Celebrities Love Diamonds | Diamonds Jewelry Worn by Celebrities

Why Celebrities Love Diamonds | Diamonds Jewelry Worn by Celebrities

Celebrities and their love for diamond jewelry is nothing new. People following celebrity style has been a trend for as long as one can remember. Celebrities have a way to influence jewelry trends and the diamond industry, too. Let’s look at this love affair from a little closer.


Celebrity diamonds - glamor, style, statement


Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire and diamond ring, Jennnifer Lopez’s emerald diamond, Megan Fox’s two-stone emerald and diamond, and Meghan Markle’s three-diamond ring – celebrities love to show their diamond engagement rings. And everyone loves to see them!


Not just see, celebrity diamond jewelry easily turns into trends. Everyone wants to have “that” kind of a diamond ring.


When Prince William gave Kate Middleton an 18 carat blue sapphire and diamond ring, suddenly, the diamond industry saw a boom. Suddenly everyone began buying diamond jewelry. Even though their engagement ring wasn’t new – it was a family ring passed on from Princess Diana – people fell in love with it all over again. But why?


Why do we love diamond jewelry worn by celebrities?


We want to follow celebrity fashion and lifestyle

Celebrities are known to have a good lifestyle and fashion sense that people desire to have. Everyone wants to have a better life and a different life. Celebrities help influence peoples’ perceptions of value and lifestyle. That’s why Lady Gaga’s yellow diamond necklace became the talk in every lifestyle magazine.


We aspire to be like celebrities

Another reason why diamond jewelry worn by celebrities becomes so famous is because people are curious and want to learn what makes celebrities look so good. In the quest to change our lives, we copy celebrities, buy diamond earrings that match a design that a particular celebrity wore to an awards night, etc. In an attempt to capture the glamor we admire and aspire.


Celebrity diamond collection trends


Celebrities are buying their own diamonds

Gone are the days when the only piece of diamond jewelry in celebrities’ diamond collection was their engagement ring given to them by their partner. Or diamond jewelry received as family legacy by celebrities born in rich families. Today, women are buying diamond jewelry on their own to add to their collections. Some celebrities invest in diamond jewelry to celebrate their achievements, while some do so for a cause by buying diamonds at charity auctions. For example, Elizabeth Taylor once bought the Prince of Wales brooch from a Sotheby’s auction to support an AIDS foundation.


New generation celebrities prefer lab grown ethical diamonds

An increasing number of celebrities are buying diamond jewelry that is made with ethical diamonds or lab grown diamonds. Whether it is an engagement ring or diamond earrings, they prefer to buy only man made diamonds for their diamond collection. Celebrities supporting grown diamonds are transforming the way people make diamond choices and the way jewelers procure diamonds.

From Penelope Cruz to Meghan Markle to Leonardo DiCaprio, who has become one of the biggest promoters of man made diamonds after his 2006 movie Blood Diamond – the list of names of celebrities going for conscious and responsible diamond choices to make a statement is long.


Final words


So, if you’re wondering how much your favorite celebrities’ red carpet diamond jewelry costs, don’t be surprised if it’s something you could afford. With a lot of celebrities choosing lab grown diamonds, you can have jewelry like them in your diamond collection. If not, you could get a design a celebrity wore designed for yourself with the diamonds of your choice.

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