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CVD Diamonds Are The New Trend And Here’s Why You Should Get Them | GDC

CVD diamonds 

Are you looking to buy diamonds? Have you just heard about lab grown diamonds and are wondering what they are? Want to consider CVD diamonds but aren’t sure? Torn between lab diamonds vs real diamonds? We’ll help make your decision much easier.

In this blog, we’ll tell you all about CVD diamonds and why it is the best alternative to mined diamonds.


What are CVD diamonds?

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is a method to create diamonds in laboratories. CVD lab diamonds have been around for over a decade. They are created through a technology that mimics the chemical composition with which diamonds are created under the surface of the earth.


CVD diamonds are real diamonds. They have the same visual and physical properties as mined diamonds. One cannot tell the difference between CVD diamonds and natural diamonds through the naked eye.


CVD diamonds that are manufactured and graded by authentic laboratories have an inscription that mentions it as lab grown diamonds.


What compelled scientists to invent CVD diamonds?

One of the main reasons why scientists set out to invent lab grown diamonds is the scarcity of real diamonds. Mined diamonds take millions of years to form under the earth’s surface. With the demand for real diamonds increasing in markets the world over, it was just a matter of time that scientists invented lab created diamonds.

Another reason for the invention of lab diamonds is the need to produce ethical diamonds. Conflict diamonds or blood diamonds have been in discussion for many decades. Scientifically created gems in safe laboratory atmospheres was the need of the hour.

There’s one more critical reason for the invention of lab diamonds – the cost factor. Mined diamonds are extremely expensive. And that is why, only a fraction of the population is able to afford them. Whereas lab grown diamonds are at least 40 to 60% cheaper than mined diamonds. CVD diamond price being much lower than mined diamonds, more consumers are able to afford them.

The above three factors are the main reasons that help to answer discussions about lab grown diamonds vs real diamonds.


CVD diamond method

To create CVD diamonds, a diamond seed is placed in a closed and controlled space. The seed then goes through chemical processes. It is brought in contact with gasses such as carbon, hydrogen and methane. These gasses break their molecular bonds through ionization that leads to pure carbon binding with the seed. This bond helps in the formation of the diamond. These lab grown diamonds have the same chemical properties as natural diamonds. CVD diamonds take a few days to weeks to manufacture.


Why should you opt for CVD diamonds?

CVD diamonds are real

Lab diamonds are as real as mined diamonds. They possess the same chemical and physical properties as mined diamonds. Lab created diamonds are available with a certificate of authentication that mentions its quality report, origin, and source.


CVD diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds

One of the biggest factors that influences customers’ purchase decisions is the price. And that’s where CVD diamonds win over mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are 40 to 60% cheaper than mined diamonds. The best part is they provide the same brilliance, fire, and sparkle for a much lesser cost.

Lab grown CVD diamonds are ethical

Diamonds created in laboratories are made in safe environments and their source is known. This makes them ethical. While mined diamonds might have their origins in diamonds sourced from conflict mines. Since lab diamonds are created in laboratories following labor regulations, they do not cause harm or threat to human life or the environment.

Over to you

If you’ve decided to choose lab grown diamonds over mined diamonds, that’s great! You can find the best quality CVD diamonds from online diamond stores. And you can be assured that you’re buying only ethical real diamonds.

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