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Old European Cut Diamonds vs. Brilliant Cut Diamonds—What Should You Buy?

Cuts of Diamonds

Are you looking to buy a classic cut diamond? If yes, you’re most probably considering the different diamond shapes, including the old European cut diamond or a brilliant cut diamond.

But do you know the difference between the two or what the different cuts of diamonds mean? If you’d like to understand the difference between these two types of diamonds, this blog is for you.

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Old European Cut vs. Brilliant Cut — The Difference

To understand the difference between old European cut diamonds and Brilliant cut diamonds, look at this image:

The image clearly shows the difference between the two. The old European cut has a smaller table and larger facets compared to the round brilliant cut. Moreover, the old European cut has a higher crown and low symmetry and less brilliance than the round brilliant cut.


What is the old European cut diamond?

Old European cut diamonds were popular when the cutting and shaping of diamonds depended on the manual mastery of diamond cutters. The cutting of the edges and facets was done by eye because of which the cuts varied widely. This makes the old European cut diamonds unique.



What is a brilliant cut diamond?

Brilliant cut diamonds have more sparkle and fire compared to old European cut diamonds. That’s because they are cut and polished using high end technology and machinery.

In today’s times, the round brilliant cut is more popular and considered to be the ideal cut. The table facets of the brilliant cut are larger, and include 56 to 58 facets with a cutlet. There are about 32 facets between the girdle and table, and 24 facets below the girdle.



Old European Cut or Brilliant Round Cut — Which One Should You Choose?

The brilliant cut is the evolved form of the old European cut diamond. If your taste leans more towards vintage and old, the old European cut would be perfect for you. It is more unique than a brilliant cut.

However, if you like your diamonds and jewelry to have a more modern look, you should go for the brilliant cut diamonds. As it is cut and polished with modern technology and machinery, it has a more clean and symmetrical look, which adds to its brilliance and fire.

The cut you choose completely depends on your personal taste and preference. Both brilliant cut diamonds and old European cut diamonds are good choices. They both look good and have their own charm.

Now you are aware of the subtle differences of these different diamond shapes lent by the way they are cut, and can make more informed selections.

Whether you want the old European or the brilliant round cut, you can find both these in lab grown diamonds as well as mined diamonds.

Some factors you should consider when choosing diamonds:Choose old European cut if you like vintage and old school


Do you know which diamond you want to buy — a brilliant cut or European cut?

Now you know the difference between the two types of cut and would be in a much better position to choose your preferred diamond.

Both these cuts are suitable for engagement rings as well depending on the design of the ring. So now you can make the best choice of a diamond.


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