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Lab Grown Diamonds: Penelope Cruz Backs Man-Made Diamond Jewelery

First, Leonardo DiCaprio and now Penelope Cruz - a growing number of celebrities are vouching for ethically produced and environment-friendly conscious luxury. Cruz has teamed up with Swarovski and launched a jewelry line created with lab-manufactured diamonds. Her collection is called Atelier Swarovski.

Cruz wore pieces from the collection in May 2018 at the red carpet in Cannes at the 71st Cannes Film Festival – a pair of drop earrings that featured asymmetrical rubies and a diamond and ruby ring. Her 14-piece collection was later launched in Paris during the Paris Haute Couture week in July 2018.


Why is Cruz backing man-made diamonds?


Cruz’s collection features lab-created diamonds, rubies, sapphires and ethically mined topaz in 18-carat gold. The idea of “not creating a negative impact on the environment” is what inspired Cruz to collaborate and create sustainable and conscious luxury.


Lab-grown diamonds are the only alternative to ensure sustainability in the diamond industry. Inspired by the processes of nature that form diamonds over thousands of years, these diamonds are ethically produced in safe laboratory environments.


Lab diamond-producing brands adhere to strict standards set by the IGI or GCAL, which certify all lab-created diamonds. What is more, all lab-grown diamonds are Type IIA diamonds, the purest form of diamonds that do not have impurities.


Celeb support


Of course, the mined-diamond industry is concerned about celebrities promoting man-made diamonds, as it may disrupt the luxury jewelry industry enough to cause a movement - a movement that seems to be soon catching up.


In the past noted celebrities and personalities have come forward to endorse and invest in grown diamonds. Among them were Evan Williams and Andrew McCollum, founders of Twitter and Facebook and Khaliah Ali, daughter of Mohammad Ali. Among the celebrities who don’t shy away from donning lab grown diamonds are Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani and Sharon Osborne.


The reality


Occurrence and reports about conflict diamonds and blood diamonds is not news, and neither are the celebrities who swear by it, but the movement towards a conscious consumption of diamonds has gained momentum over the last few years. Attributable in part to growing offerings from conscious jewelry brands and lab-grown diamond producers like Grown Diamond Corporation.


As grown diamonds vie for a more dominant position in the consumers’ jewelry boxes, celebrities and personalities continue to do their bit to ensure sustainability. The need is to face the reality and remain practical.


Join the movement - lab-grown diamonds


According to a report by Forbes, lab-grown diamonds could take 7.5 percent of the total diamond industry market share by 2020, which currently makes for only 1 percent.


The report states that given a choice, millennials will always choose a bigger lab-grown diamonds at a cheaper price than a smaller mined diamond at a higher price. The reason? The new generation is a conscious set of consumers who want to purchase diamonds that do not have a negative impact on human or environment


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