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H Color Diamonds: What Are They And Should You Buy Them? GDC

H Color Diamonds

If you’re interested in diamonds and gemstones, you might be knowing about the key factors of choosing diamonds — color, cut, clarity, and carat


But understanding diamonds is a deep subject. For example, did you know that the color scale for diamonds ranges from D to Z. There are so many subtle variations in color. 


While D grade diamonds are colorless and hence, most expensive, Z are more yellow than the other grades, and hence, much cheaper. 


In this range, there’s one color that is a particular favorite of diamond connoisseurs and experts—H color diamonds.


Wondering what H color diamonds are, why they’re so loved, and should you buy them?


Let’s find out! 


What are H color diamonds? 


Based on the color scale for diamonds, they are rated D to Z. In this range, D is the most clear or colorless, and Z is yellow colored diamonds. H color diamonds are near colorless.


Take a look at the chart below to see the position of H color diamonds on the scale:


diamond color scale


As you can see in the chart, the difference of color can be extremely hard to notice when two grades are placed next to each other. For example, the difference between a diamond of grade D and E is hard to tell. Similarly, grade G and H when placed side-by-side, seems negligible.


The overall quality of a gemstone, whether laboratory grown diamonds or mined, depends on the quality of 4Cs —- color, cut, clarity, and carat. 


Most H color diamonds look white when seen through the naked eye. However, they do have a slight tinge of yellow that can go unnoticed. And hence, experts recommend H color diamonds as they are much cheaper than the higher range diamonds.


Should you buy H color diamonds? 


The answer to the above question is a definitive yes! Most women desire to have big diamonds. But the size of the diamond can significantly raise its price. And hence, large sized diamonds don’t fit within every shoppers budget. If one tries to fit a big size diamond within a small budget, they might have to end up with a flawed diamond or one that is more yellow on the diamond color and clarity scale. 


The solution—buy H color diamonds. Better still, buy lab created diamonds of H color. As lab grown diamonds are at least 50% cheaper than mined diamonds, you can buy a bigger sized gemstone.


The H color diamond is nearly identical to D, E, or F color diamonds, and is at least 20% cheaper than them. And so, if you’re looking to buy an engagement ring or a wedding ring, you’d be able to buy one of the best diamond colors for a much lesser price if you buy the H color diamond.


A guide to buying H color diamonds


Know the 4Cs: Before you set out to buy a lab created diamond, understand what the 4cs of diamonds are. 


Understand the color scale for diamonds: To know the scale of diamond color, have a look at the chart above. You will get an understanding of what color you should choose.


Check the diamond under different lighting: Diamonds perform differently under different lights. And hence, when you’re buying a lab grown diamond online, make sure you buy it from a site that allows you to see the performance of the diamond under different lights.


Check the certification: When you buy a diamond, you should always ask for the diamond grading certificate. It is a proof of authenticity, the origin of your diamond, the color scale and other details. 


The cut and shape of the H color diamond: While this diamond looks white, it still has a tinge of yellow and if the diamond is not cut well, the yellowness might be visible. Similarly, some diamond shapes might bring out the yellow tinge more than other shapes. Hence, it’s important to pay attention to the cut quality and shape of the diamond. 

Ready to buy your H color diamond? 

Now you know that the H color diamond is not all that bad. In fact, it’s one of the best diamond colors that you could buy at a much lower price. Besides, you can buy a bigger size, too. So the next time you explore lab created diamonds online, you’d be in a much better position to select the right one from the color scale for diamonds. Isn’t it?


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