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Why Consumers Are Choosing Lab Grown Diamonds?

Consumers Are Choosing Lab Grown Diamonds

Ever shopped for premium quality diamonds? If yes, you know how much you have to empty your pocket. Moreover, if they’re mined gemstones, they can be extremely expensive.  


That’s where lab created diamonds come in the picture. With prices at least 40 to 50% lesser than mined diamonds, an increasing number of consumers are choosing lab diamonds. 


Besides, grown diamonds boast of many more positives—they are sustainable, environment-friendly, far from harm to humans or animals, among others.


Most diamond merchants and jewelry designers are turning to lab diamonds. And for good reason. Let’s look at why consumers are choosing lab grown diamonds.

What are lab made diamonds?

Lab diamonds are man made diamonds that are as real as natural mined diamonds. Lab diamonds are created by simulating the same chemical processes that lead to the creation of natural diamonds beneath the surface of the earth.


Grown diamonds are created via two processes: CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature). Both these processes replicate the exact diamond creation process that occurs under the Earth. 

Are lab grown diamonds equal in quality to natural mined diamonds?

The answer is a definite yes! 


To begin with, both lab diamonds and mined diamonds are real. Both are created by the same process and have the same chemical and physical properties. 


That said, lab grown diamonds have more positives than mined diamonds. Grown diamonds are cheaper by at least 50%.


The price difference is a huge advantage, because it means you can buy a much bigger and better diamond for the same price. To put things in perspective, you can buy the best lab grown diamonds for the price of the lowest quality mined diamonds. 


For example, 2 carat natural diamonds are extremely rare, but you can find a wide range of options for 2 carat lab grown diamonds. From the color to the cut to the polish—you can customize a 2 carat diamond in labs.


As lab diamonds are created in controlled laboratories, they are more flawless than natural diamonds. This makes them desirable and valuable. For example, you can get customized diamonds created in the lab, where you can choose the color, carat, etc.

Lab grown diamonds status quo


How to buy lab grown diamonds?


Over to you

So now that you know the most important information about man made diamonds, are you ready to make informed choices when buying lab grown diamonds?


If you still need help choosing the best lab created diamonds, read articles and guides that give you more information—from the color to the cut, carat to clarity, you can find a guide about every factor you must consider when buying diamonds. 

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