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Diamond Girdles

Are you looking for lab grown diamonds? If yes, you’ll find loads of options of the best lab grown diamonds online. But, there are a lot of factors that one must consider when buying diamonds. One of those factors is the diamond girdle.


Understanding diamond girdles also helps in understanding the importance of expertly cut diamonds. One of the most important factors of diamonds is its cut and polish. And that’s why it’s important to understand diamond rating for girdles.


Don’t know what it is? In this blog, we tell you all about diamond girdles. Read on!


What is a diamond girdle?

To understand what a diamond girdle is, look at a diamond from the top. The girdle is the part that creates the outline. Similarly, from the side, the girdle separates the pavilion or the bottom, from the crown.


Look at this image to know what a diamond girdle is.


Should the diamond girdle be thick or thin?

As per experts, the diamond girdle doesn’t have too much impact on one’s diamond-buying decision. Diamond girdles may be thick or thin. However, one should avoid buying diamonds that have extremely thin girdles, as it has a higher risk of breakage or damage. Whether lab made diamonds or mined diamonds, the diamond girdle is a result of the cutting and polishing process.


How is a diamond girdle rated?

Just as other factors, diamonds are rated for their girdles. Girdles are rated as a range. For example, extremely thin to extremely thick. Here are the diamond ratings for girdles:


Extremely thin: might break or chip and hence it requires extreme care when setting the stone in a piece of jewelry. It’s best to avoid diamonds with extremely thin girdles.


Thin, medium:  this is diamond rating is considered an ideal diamond girdle


Slightly thick: this is considered excellent to ideal promotion


Extremely thick: it makes the diamond look smaller and can cause poor light return. If you’re looking for a diamond that performs brilliantly, you should avoid lab diamonds with extremely thick girdles.


Thick girdles make diamonds look smaller

If you’re buying a lab created diamond, you would be paying much less than a mined diamond for the same price. Lab grown diamond prices are much lesser than mined diamonds. Even then, you wouldn’t want your diamond to look smaller than it is. This is where it’s important to choose a diamond with the right girdle.

A thick girdle ends up making the diamond look smaller than its actual size. It hides the weight as depth. Moreover, the extra weight might also make the diamond perform poorly and you may not get the perfect brilliance in the diamond.


Thick girdles in fancy colored diamonds are best avoided

Fancy colored diamonds are available in many shades. The value of colored diamonds is determined by its color. While the color of white diamonds is assessed face-down, in fancy colored diamonds, it is assessed face-up. Thick girdles are common in colored diamonds, but that doesn’t add to their value. And hence, it’s best to avoid fancy colored diamonds with a thick girdle.


Girdles can reflect in diamonds

It’s possible that girdles will reflect in the diamonds. For example, you might see a line across inside a diamond. But don’t misunderstand it as a crack or break in the diamond. It’s most probably the girdle reflecting in the diamond. This is just a side effect of the diamond cut. Whether you buy lab grown diamonds or mined diamonds, you might see the girdle reflecting in it.


Girdles can be inscribed

There’s an important purpose served by diamond girdles—inscriptions. All lab made diamonds are inscribed by gem laboratories. Inscriptions usually help in understanding diamond rating. The inscription number can help you identify the diamond report number. This inscription can be found on the diamond girdle.


What is the perfect diamond girdle?

Extremely thick or thin girdles should be avoided, as they have drawbacks, which can affect the diamond's performance or damage it. For those looking for the perfect girdle, a medium girdle rating is the best. Expertly cut diamonds can provide medium cut girdles.


How to examine a diamond girdle before buying a diamond?

One of the most important factors when buying a diamond is its performance. So, the first thing you should see is the diamond’s performance. When you buy a diamond online, it’s best to see videos of its performance in different lights. If you like the performance, check the girdle. Don’t go for one that is too thin or too thick.

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